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Indoor Range

  • The indoor pistol range has 4 shooting lanes with a maximum shooting distance of 50-feet.
  • All members must sign in and sign out; the log book is located on the outside of the door when entering indoor range.
  • Key card access is required and is only activated when completing the safety training by the range officers. 
  • Archery backstop is available that can setup against the target backstop.
  • Members are responsible to enforce all range safety precautions; 
  • Members must have non-members fill out liability form located on the By-Laws & Range Rules page.  Forms are available at the left end of the bar where the outdoor range sign-in book is located.  The form can be downloaded and printed for additional copies.
  • VENTILATION - Turn on Exhaust fan when your ready to shoot.  This is to protect you from "Lead Exposure Risks" from lead vapors while shooting.  If you use the range frequently, it is recommended that you ask for lead blood test during your annual physical even though we have not had any reports of anyone exceeding the OSHA limit. 
  • Click this link to open Range Rules: By-Laws & Range Rules
  • Firearms Allowed:
    • Rifles: .22 cal (rim fire) and air rifles (.177 & .22) Only
    • Pistol: .22, .25, .32, .38, .40,  .45 , 9mm, air pistols
    • .38 Special Loads can be used in a 357 Magnum.
    • These are common calibers used, but is not a complete list.  If you have any questions contact Range Officers.
  • Firearms "NOT" Allowed
    • No rifles larger than .22 rim fire
    • No Blackpowder
    • NO MAGNUM LOADS- The shooting trap is not design to handle magnum loads and will cause costly damage when used.  NO MAGNUM LOADS - the following are examples of MAGNUM LOADS, but not limited to this list:
    • .357 Magnum
    • .44 Magnum
    • .45 Winchester Magnum
    • .450 Magnum Express
    • .454 Casull
Gonzo's Printable Targets - click this link to access printable targets; very useful when you run out of targets.
Bill Gonzalez,
Apr 25, 2011, 3:37 AM