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Meat Raffle

Event Leader: Chris Wylie 774-364-2028

Contact Event Leader to volunteer to help out with this event.

Sunday, January 14, 2018 2pm to 5pm

  • This is another club fundraiser to help make improvements to the club.   The dinners are made to order and so good!  Your chances of winning is way better than playing the lottery.

    Hamburgers & Hot Dogs:  Serving from 2pm to 5pm

    MEAT RAFFLE DRAWING's begin @2pm

    There will be 7-tables of meats with 6-items on each table.

  • NOTICE: We are collecting non-perishables for the Rutland Food Pantry at our meat raffles. You will receive 3-FREE TICKETS for the meat tables raffle when donate non-perishables. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Please Donate!
    Suggested Items:
    - Canned pineapple
    - Easter Candy
    - Hamburger Helper
    - boxed/canned potatoes
    - Pasta
    - Cookies - Crackers - snacks
    - Cereal
    - Coffee/Tea
    - Low salt/low sugar/Gluten Free items

    Non-expired Food ONLY, Thank you

How the Raffle works:
  • Each table will have 6-prizes of meats.
  • You buy 10 tickets for $5; you can buy as many as you want.
  • Then the raffle tickets are drawn for each prize, so you have a chance to win all prizes.
  • The first ticket drawn gets first pick on the table, second ticket gets second pick, etc.