Past Events

T/C OMEGA™ .50 Cal. was raffled on Tuesday July 12th @7pm.  The muzzleloader was presented by Bill Gonzalez to Bob Ackerman Sr. at the August General Meeting. Congratulations Bob!


Left to Right: Bill Gonzalez (Vice President), Ron Howe (President), Bob Ackerman Sr

Hunter Safety Education: The hunter safety education was completed on Sunday July 17th by instructor Rick French and his team with ~50 students attending.  Thank you Tom Murphy, Jim Urbec, and Scot Wiinikka for your volunteering your time for this vital program that supports the clubs values in education & sportsmanship in hunting.  Again, thanks for setting up the tables, serving soft drinks, hamburgers and hot dogs.
Game Dinner: We had 177 people attend the March game dinner.  Many prizes were given out to those who purchased raffle tickets.  What a great time!  Special thanks to Bob Hoch who lead the team of cooks to prepare this awesome dinner.  Many thanks to the other RSC members that helped coordinate the event and served the wild game food.  
Muzzleloader Shoot: Sunday afternoon December 19th turned out to be a very nice day.  The shoot used all four shooting positions in order to be most accurate: #1 Prone, #2 Sitting, #3 Kneeling, #4 Standing.  Ryan Wiinikka, age 13, was the winner closest to the bulls-eye in the preferred kill zone.  Thanks to Alex Emerson for his artistic skill in making the target and his time organizing the shoot.  It was a nice to brush up on our shooting skills in preparation of the muzzleloader deer season.


The Winter .22 Cal Bulls-eye Pistol League started the middle of January where competitors met every Wednesday night at 7pm to compete in a 300 match shooting 10 rounds in Slow Fire (10-min), 2-strings of 5-rounds Timed Fire (20-sec), and 2-strings of Rapid Fire (10-sec) match.  The range has been upgraded with amplified speakers and an MP3 Player that plays the NRA commands for the Slow, Timed, and Rapid Fire matches.  RSC members that participated are Bob Ackerman Sr., Jeff Clark, Alex Emerson, Hershal Evans, Bill Gonzalez, Nick Monopoli, Nathan Swagger, Jim Urbec, and Scott Wiinikka.  Thanks Jeff Clark for improving the target clip holders, to prevent breakage.